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In the early '80's, a small label located 'down under'...in Australia called "Wizard Records' (now no longer) gave Captain & Tennille a recording budget to create a basically, “undiscovered ‘til now’ album / CD” - entitled ‘More Than Dancing’.

Raven Records in 2001, contacted Captain & Tennille, and suggested that they re-release ‘More Than Dancing’, as well as perhaps adding some other basically, ‘undiscovered’ recordings and maybe even some polished demo cuts that had been sitting on the shelves of the Captain & Tennille’s recording studio in Los Angeles. The result is, amazingly, Much More than anticipated.

The twenty-one cuts included in this CD comprise a terrific mix of all TEN of the originally-released, ‘More Than Dancing’ cuts along with ELEVEN cuts of basically, unheard tunes (‘til now), and this newly-released, Captain & Tennille CD is now aptly entitled: “More Than Dancing...Much More”



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  • More Than Dancing
    01. DON'T CALL IT LOVE (Tom Snow/Dean Pitchford) 3.06
    02. LET'S VISIT HEAVEN TONIGHT (Bruce Johnston) 3.02
    03. FIRE AWAY (Miner) 3.38
    04. FEELS LIKE MORE THAN DANCING (Chater/Dahlstrom) 3.30
    05. TANGO (Hartman/Sabatino) 3.43
    06. DAVEY I MISBEHAVE (Toni Tennille) 3.45
    07. DON'T LET LOVE GO (Russell) 3.49
    08. HEARTBEAT (Cochran/Miner/Royner) 2.57
    09. I MUST BE IN LOVE (Hirsch/Mueller) 3.32
    10. COME TO ME (Bobby Caldwell/Cari) 4.07

  • Bonus Tracks
    11. COME ON A MY HOUSE (Ross Bagdasarian/William Saroyan) 3.57
    12. MR PERSUASION (Susan Lynch/Larry Whitman) 3.54
    13. GET READY TEDDY (Toni Tennille) 3.50
    14. DENNY'S SUCH A FLIRT (Toni Tennille) 3.47
    15. BOY CRAZY (Toni Tennille) 4.26
    16. HOW SWEET IT IS (TO BE LOVED BY YOU) - (Eddie Holland/Lamont Dozier/Brian Holland) 3.28
    17. NOBODY DOES IT BETTER (Marvin Hamlish/Carole Bayer-Sager) 3.47
    18. LOVE SURVIVES (Toni Tennille) 3.26
    19. BABY COME TO ME (Rod Temperton) 3.33
    20. SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST (Waldman/Lind/Galston) 3.45
    21. WIND BENEATH MY WINGS (Larry Henley/Jeff Silbar) 4.48

All Tunes produced by Daryl Dragon

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