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Dear Friends.... On June 29, 1999, I returned from almost a year on the road starring in VICTOR/VICTORIA. I planned to rest up for a few months, and then Daryl and I planned to celebrate the 25th annniversary of our wedding AND our first hit by doing a series of concerts around the country in the year 2000.

What I found, after I had been home a month or two, was that I just didn't want to tour anymore. Twenty-five years of packing, unpacking, hotels, lost luggage, cancelled flights, missed connections, etc., had taken the "heart" out of me. And I'm sure most of you who travel at all are aware that the airline situation is worse than it has ever been. If Daryl and I ever get a flight that is on time, we consider it a miracle. I've always been a real "homebody" anyway, and hate to leave our beautiful home and our three dogs and three cats.

I have continued my singing career, singing the songs of the great American composers with symphony orchestras, as I have been doing since 1984. These engagements only take me away from home for a few days at a time, and only every couple of months or so. Occasionally, Daryl will join me onstage for a few Captain & Tennille songs as a "Special Guest Star". Daryl has been spending his time and energies on projects for the internet. He has always been a "techie", and has been working on an internet project in hopes to help talented artists be heard and appreciated - and (hopefully) ultimately successful.

That is not to say that Captain and Tennille will never perform for an audience again. If something very special comes up, that doesn't involve touring, we just might put the group together again.

- (Visit the 'C&T News Gazette' for latest info on appearances & performances).

In the meantime, look for my new CD, INCURABLY ROMANTIC, which was released in June, 2001. Daryl produced it for me, and I think it is music you will all enjoy.

Thank you all again for being such loyal and faithful fans.



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