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The Captain and Tennille - A Whole BUNCH Of DVD Releases For The Captain & Tennille This Fall

Single-Disc Releases Coming Oct. 9th; 3-Disc Collection on Nov. 6th

Posted by David Lambert
A couple of years ago saw the DVD release of The Captain & Tennille - The Ultimate Collection from R2 Entertainment. That 3-disc set had many great moments from this classic act's popular variety show that was a staple of prime-time television in the mid-'70s. Now the rights to The Captain & Tennille have moved on to a new company, Retroactive Entertainment, which is run by our old friend Brant Berry (a former Vice President at R2).

Retroactive is bringing out 5 different DVD releases of The Captain and Tennille this Fall (including one that is a collection of three of the others). All of these are up for pre-order at Amazon, and we'll link to them, but we should note that, per Brant at Retroactive, the release dates at Amazon are incorrect as of this writing. We'll give you the correct release dates, and don't worry...just go ahead and pre-order them. Amazon will ship them as soon as they have them, never fear.

The first release we'll list below is the 1976 Christmas Special taken from the regular weekly television show. The next three after that are the one-shot TV specials that followed up the cancellation of the regular program, but received lots of attention from fans! The final one is a collection of all three specials into one giftset. The set comes out in November; the other four will be available in early October. We owe a debt of gratitude to reader (and C&T fan) Austin Hayes, for his extensive help with researching this story. Thank you! Also thanks to Ed Slonina, for being the very first reader to tip us off about these items coming. Here is the cover art for all 5 releases (including final art for the "New Orleans" special), followed by all the details:

  • The Captain & Tennille - The Christmas Show (October 9th; $19.99 MSRP)
      It was 1976 and the Captain & Tennille were ruling the pop music charts. Shortly after their 1975 debut"Love Will Keep Us Together" went straight to #1 and was awarded the Grammy Award for record of the year, this hot pop couple was given their own weekly TV variety show. The show only lasted one season and this was their only Christmas show. Not seen for three decades, this fun and musical blast-from-Christmas-past is great entertainment the whole family can enjoy and is not to be missed! Guest stars include Don Knotts and Tom Bosley (Happy Days) along with musical guests The Pointer Sisters and Toni’s sisters, Louisa, Melissa and Jane. Songs include Little Saint Nick, Jingle Bells, Wedding Song (There Is Love,) Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, How Can I Be Sure, O Holy Night and others!

  • The Captain & Tennille - In New Orleans (October 9th; $19.99 MSRP)
      Join Toni Tennille and Daryl Dragon for some funky Dixieland in this 1978 TV special from the heart of the French Quarter in New Orleans. This was the Captain & Tennille's first of three television specials following their weekly variety show and it found them completely in their element as the show focused on what they loved most and did best—MUSIC! Guest stars include John Byner, Hal Linden (Barney Miller) and the legendary Fats Domino. Songs include Black Water, Can't Help Lovin' That Man, You Never Done It Like That, I'm On My Way, Walking to New Orleans, I'm Ready and more!

  • The Captain & Tennille - In Hawaii (October 9th; $19.99 MSRP)
      Aloha from 1978! Hit the beach with Captain & Tennille as they spread love over the world from the spectacular and scenic island of Hawaii. Free from the confines of their variety show soundstage; join Toni Tennille and Daryl Dragon for a musical journey with special guests Kenny Rogers, David Soul (Starsky & Hutch) and Don Knotts. Songs include Love Is Spreadin' Over the World, Just the Way You Are, Love Or Something Like It, Tomorrow Child, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Ka-Ding-Dong, Back To the Island and others!

  • The Captain & Tennille - Songbook (October 9th; $19.99 MSRP)
      It's hats-off to Captain & Tennille for this classy, sophisticated, slick and sexy musical Songbook. The duo broke their variety show precedent on this, their last TV special from 1979. In fact, there are no comedy sketches—it's all about the music. Special guests include Ella Fitzgerald, B.B. King and Glen Campbell featured in major segments, paying homage to pop, jazz, blues and country music. The torch-song medley featuring Toni and Ella and the blues jam with The Captain and B.B. are popular music moments not to be missed! Songs include Love Me Like a Baby, Good Enough, The Good Songs, Never Make Your Move Too Soon, Dream and more!

  • The Captain & Tennille - The Specials (November 6th; $49.99 MSRP)
      All three of the Captain & Tennille television specials packaged in this special 3-DVD collector's set. Includes Captain & Tennille In New Orleans, In Hawaii and Songbook. The complete C&T Specials collection is not only the best value, but a must for all fans!