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Welcome to the now defunct website entitled...

RUMBO RECORDERS is / was a 10,000 square foot, three room recording studio located in Canoga Park, California.

was sold in the Spring of 2003. The memories cannot be sold.

Rumbo was designed & built in 1979 by Daryl Dragon, also known as the "Captain" of the Captain & Tennille. Comfort along with a 'no pressure', creative environment in a studio was always the motto that Daryl believes enhanced he & his wife's (Toni Tennille) success in the music industry, and with the successful track records of countless other successful producers / engineers / artists that have since completed projects at Rumbo for more than two decades, the musical outflow from Rumbo speaks for itself.

Recently celebrating it's 20th year in the recording business, Rumbo is still owned by Daryl & Toni. Rumbo Recorders has become a respected, trusted recording facility and has firmly established itself as a major creative force in the Southern California-based recording industry.

For Rates and Booking:

Vicky Smith - Studio Manager
Rumbo Recorders
(818) 709-8080
(818) 709-4072 Fax

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